Stay Cozy During The Coldest Days of Winter

Stay Cozy During The Coldest Days of Winter

Heat your home with a new furnace installation or furnace repair in Fostoria, Caro, Lapeer & Millington, MI & surrounding areas

Don't get caught without heat during a freezing Michigan winter. SIR Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC can provide furnace installation for your home or business in the Fostoria, Caro, Lapeer & Millington, MI area. You can also trust our skilled crew for furnace service.

Call us for help if you need help...

Stopping leaks
Repairing damage
Changing filters

Consider an annual maintenance plan to keep your system in working condition. Our contractor will inspect your unit for problems and give it a tuneup. Your heating system will be prepared for every winter.

Contact us today to schedule a furnace service or furnace repair for your home.

Carbon monoxide is a serious threat

If your furnace is only slightly damaged, you might not realize it. Carbon monoxide could be leaking into your home. The gas is colorless and odorless and will wander into your house undetected. SIR Heating and Air Conditioning will use cameras to inspect your furnace closely. We can find and repair the unit's carbon monoxide leak to keep your family safe.

Keep your house comfortable by calling 586-531-3402 for furnace installation and furnace repair services.