Your Shower Shouldn't Feel Like Lake Superior

Your Shower Shouldn't Feel Like Lake Superior

Keep it comfortable with a water heater installation in Fostoria, Caro, Lapeer & Millington, MI & surrounding areas

It's easy to take hot water for granted. You use it every day for cleaning, bathing and cooking. You'll remember how important it is when your water heater breaks down. Like any other appliance, your water heater will only last so many years before you need a replacement. When that day comes, SIR Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC can provide a new water heater installation.

Look out for these signs that you might need a new water heater:

The water in your house is brown or rusty
You don't have enough hot water for normal use
The water heater makes rumbling or clunking noises
You find leaks or water pooling around your water heater

Additionally, if your system is over 10 years old, you should replace it. We'll help you find the right style and design that will meet your needs.

Schedule water heater installation at your home in Fostoria, Caro, Lapeer & Millington, MIchigan and surrounding areas.

A leak might not require a replacement

Finding a leak is a big red flag for water heaters. It doesn't always mean you need a completely new unit. SIR Heating and Air Conditioning can perform an inspection to see if water heater leak repair services will do the trick. We'll fix your water heater and get hot water flowing in through house quickly.

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